4K Cameras

4K Cameras

4K Surveillance grabs the attention for all the right reasons. With fewer cameras delivering high quality images in real time across large areas, 4K technology significantly reduces investment and losses.

4K or Ultra High Definition CCTV Cameras are the latest generation of HDTV standards and features a resolution four times higher than HDTV1080p with a video resolution of 3840 X 2160 – 4096 x 2160 pixels.

  • Compatible with most IT infrastructures and video management systems
  • Superior image detail across wide area premises
  • Cost savings, fewer losses

About 4K Cameras

These sophisticated security systems feature high quality image at top speed which means they can capture fast moving objects at high resolution. They are ideal for large area coverage such as public spaces and car parks as they provide a high level of detail, and can be used to identify objects at great distances. 4K CCTV systems also allow you to capture wide angle overviews with multiple focus points and can zoom in and focus on fine details, such as intruders or vehicle number plates, without losing the overall picture.

4K CCTV cameras are also ideal for high-traffic areas where you may need to zoom in to see specific incidences such as a fight or theft. Hotels, schools, universities, car parks, train/bus stations and government facilities can all benefit from these security systems.

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