Physical Security

Physical Security

Physical Security encompasses many levels of interdependent systems from automated gates, vehicle barriers, railings and fences to CCTV surveillance, access control systems and more. Whether small and self-contained or expansive with numerous security requirements, we can help protect your premises.

Our team conducts an assessment of your premises enabling us to ascertain the extent of your requirement and the challenges you face. This facilitates recommendations compatible with any security and surveillance methods that you already have in place.

  • Smart capabilities of extensive product range to converge physical and Internet security systems
  • Huge range of non-automated and automated systems
  • Installation, service and maintenance undertaken

About Physical Security

Physical security measures play a vital role in deterring, restricting, delaying and preventing unauthorised physical access onto a facility, office or private home and should be a key part of any security risk management strategy for both domestic and commercial properties.

Any property whether commercial or privately owned, can be at risk from the threat of unwanted intruders and strong physical security is essential as the first line of defence. Intruders are motivated by opportunities they believe they can exploit without the risk of detection or detainment, and will often be easily put off by physical security measures such as high fences, gates and other common barriers, especially when combined with detection systems such as intruder alarms and CCTV systems.

At CCTV Security UK, we offer a wide range of physical security solutions as well as best practice recommendations on appropriate controls that enable organisations and private homes to deter, delay and detect human intruders.

Types of Physical Security

Automatic Barrier

Gain greater access control of your premises and help to deter intruders with automatic barrier and gate security

Security Grills

Prevent break-ins through vulnerable windows and other openings with window grilles built to withstand assaults

Perimeter Fencing

Protect your boundaries from climbers, vandals and other intruders with cost-effective, high performance security fencing.

Free Initial Consultation

For expert advice regarding Physical Security and for information relating generally to surveillance, along with demonstrations, please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial free consultation and survey.

Professional Installation

Security installation should never be undertaken lightly and can be complex depending upon the security levels required. At CCTV Security, a UK industry standards certified company, we offer a highly professional and comprehensive installation service drawing upon many year’s experience in our field.

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