Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alarms

Our intruder alarms, the best deterrents for intruders, provide extra peace of mind and greater security. Smart technology enables you to control your alarm system even whilst on the move.

Whatever industry sector you are in and regardless of the size of your organisation, intruder alarms should be considered as part of your over-all security solution and work in conjunction with physical barriers and mechanical systems.

  • Individually tailored and regulated to provide the most appropriate protection to suit your needs
  • From motion, glass breakage and contact sensors, to vibration, noise and movement detection, we have limitless products and solutions
  • Full alarm monitoring for fast police response and security personnel alerts

About Intruder Alarms

When it comes to dealing with the threat of unwanted intruders within your business or home, prevention is better than cure. A well-fitted and maintained intruder alarm system acts as an important deterrent, making you less likely to become a victim of burglary.

No matter how stringent we are at ensuring our property is locked and secure, the fact is we can still be at risk from unwanted visitors seeking out opportunities to gain access and steal items of value. One thing all intruders have in common is that they do not want to get caught, and as such, tend to look for the path of least resistance - avoiding commercial buildings and homes with alarms systems that put them at risk of detection.

At CCTV Security UK, we have many years of experience in installing and maintaining intruder alarm systems within schools, hospitals, business premises and private homes. All our alarm systems conform to British and European standards and are fully integrated to deliver the level of security, protection and functionality your property demands.

We are also experts at integrating intruder alarms with wider security systems and can link your intruder alarms and CCTV network, so CCTV is automatically activated and relayed to operators when an alarm is activated.

Types of Intruder Alarms

Self-monitoring systems

Customised to suit your premises and to complement other security measures

Wired Alarms

Suitable for all commercial premises, construction sites, warehouses and multi-site operations and authorities

Wireless alarms

Fast and easy installation without the need for any cables, giving that perfect mess-free finish

Free Initial Consultation

For expert advice regarding our Intruder Alarms and for information relating to our other security and surveillance products, including demonstrations, please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial free consultation and survey.

Professional Installation

Security installation should never be undertaken lightly and can be complex depending upon the security levels required. At CCTV Security, a UK industry standards certified company, we offer a highly professional and comprehensive installation service drawing upon many year’s experience in our field.

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