HD CCTV Cameras

HD CCTV Cameras

For instant peace of mind, overcome even the most challenging day and night monitoring conditions with the advanced capabilities of High Definition CCTV.

State-of-the-art video surveillance equipment at it’s best. High quality and affordable, High-Definition CCTV enables optimum live footage viewing, instantaneously delivering sharp, crystal clear images.

  • Highest fidelity live views with instant HDTV signals
  • Superb reliability, exceptional quality, competitively priced
  • Crisp, clear images day and night

About HD CCTV Cameras

HD CCTV is a digital interface that delivers HD quality video over standard co-ax cable. Because of its origins in broadcast, the definition and picture quality of HD footage is noticeable higher than a standard analogue signal. This advantage makes HD CCTV cameras truly compelling for on-premises live monitoring - immediately producing clean, crisp images that make it easy to identify intruders and vehicle license plates.

Because HD CCTV equipment has been designed to provide Megapixel, High definition footage using a standard co-ax cable, the costs associated with installation, commissioning, and maintenance are exactly the same as for conventional CCTV. HD CCTV can be introduced without the need to re-cable and you can also add I.P. cameras onto the system to use in tandem with existing analogue cameras to create a hybrid system. As a result, more customers are now enjoying the benefits of HD surveillance.




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