Access Control

Access Control

Our access security solutions, bespoke designed to combat even the most sophisticated threats from intruders, protects the public and your employees whilst safeguarding high value assets.

Whatever industry sector you are in, or size of your organisation, managing efficient access control should be a priority. Our innovative access control products are reliable, trusted and advanced, designed to efficiently monitor, restrict and control traffic through specific access points.

  • Flexible options enable integration with your existing surveillance Software, or can stand-alone
  • Numerous layers of audio and video access control solutions for single or multiple sites
  • Expert customer service including advise, installation, management and maintenance

About Access Control

Whether you are a business, school, hospital or an apartment building, being able to control who has access to your property is essential to maintain good security and protect the health and safety of those going in and out of the premises.

Many businesses and public organisations have a high level of foot traffic which can leave them vulnerable to unwanted visitors and potential theft and safety risks. That’s why an access control system is very important to help manage the movement of people into, around and out of buildings. They are a vital tool for controlling and limiting access to a whole site, entrance lobby or specific area within a building and serve to ensure premises, staff and company data are kept secure at all times.

At CCTV Security UK, we understand that every organisation has their own unique security requirements, that’s why we offer a wide range of access control products and solutions specifically designed to address our customer’s needs.

Types of Access Control

Gate Entry

Our audio and visual door and gate entry systems enable instant identification of visitors at your main points of access

Car Park Entry

Remain vigilant and increase security with automated car park barrier HD camera control.

Fingerprint Recognition

Restrict access and protect your I.T assets with our advanced Fingerprint Recognition System.

Free Initial Consultation

For expert advice regarding Access Control and for information relating to our other security and surveillance products, including demonstrations, please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial free consultation and survey.

Professional Installation

Security installation should never be undertaken lightly and can be complex depending upon the security levels required. At CCTV Security, a UK industry standards certified company, we offer a highly professional and comprehensive installation service drawing upon many year’s experience in our field.

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