IP Security Camera

IP Security Camera

Monitor your premises on the move, wherever you have Internet access, for greater freedom and instant peace of mind.

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Smart, High Definition IP Security Cameras (also known as network cameras) enables you to view real-time images over the Internet from your PC, mobile phone or PDA. Any time. Anywhere. Welcome to the future of CCTV.

  • Instant access even when away from your premises
  • Easy to operate, totally secure
  • Built-in server function eradicates the need to be PC connected

About IP Security Camera

An IP Camera is a type of digital video camera that works by turning images and audio into data then transmitting this data over a network or internet connection to a computer or server that manages the information. Depending on the software used to manage the digital images, it can record, display or retransmit images to anywhere in the world.

Software analytics can be performed on the data generated which has led to significant advancements in video surveillance. Camera can select specific items to monitor and trigger alerts of suspected criminal acts on the premises, increasing the likelihood of catching intruders and vandals in the act. They can also perform applications such as video motion detection, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and facial recognition, in addition to a range of other functions.

An IP camera delivers high definition or megapixel images which give greater detail and cover a greater range. High resolution IP cameras can capture up to eight times more detail than is possible with analogue CCTV cameras, improving a system's capability to successfully identify people and objects over a larger scene and reducing the number of cameras required to monitor a specific area.

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